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Combine everything you need for ESG, CSR, and sustainability management in one place. Be empowered to raise awareness of what you care about and create a goodness-driven company culture.

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ESG, CSR, and sustainability management for those who know there’s a better way

Operate your company in an ethical and sustainable way and deal with your environmental and social impacts. Have a careful consideration of human rights, the community, environment, and society in which you operate.

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Boost your team performance & engagement
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Invest in your community
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Do good and build brand affinity

Charitable community

The esolidar community dedicates itself to giving to the greater good and empowering the connection between nonprofits and their communities by providing easy ways for nonprofits to access support from corporations, employees, and customers.

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Features & Benefits

Rethink what is possible within ESG, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainability management . Attract top talent, build a better organization and take care of your community.

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Branded community
White-label community website for your company brand to get the most of your CSR, ESG and Sustainability internal and external benefits.
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Impact analytics
Connect the value of your activities to your company's growth, skill development, retention and engagement.
icon acceleration
Acceleration program
Create acceleration programs for projects that promote innovative solutions in solving social and environmental problems and needs.
icon match donation
Match donations
Match donations that your employees make to nonprofit organizations. When a team member donates, they'll request the matching gift from you, increasing the gift.
icon corporate vollunteering
Corporate volunteering
Allow employees to feel that the work they do is not only contributing to the overall success of the company, but that it is also helping out a cause that is important to them.
icon crowdfunding
Crowdfunding campaigns
Support the causes you care about. Setup and make donations of any value to a crowdfunding campaign for a social cause.
icon social feed
Social feed
Empower your employees, so they feel part of the company’s social responsibility strategy and collaborate on decisions and funds distribution while supporting their favorite causes.
icon charity autctions
Charity auctions
Create amazing once in a lifetime auctions including signed celebrity items, exclusive experiences and more. You can help a charity accomplish their mission and raise vital funds at the same time.
icon charitable gift cards
Charitable gift cards
Forget the swag and give something meaningful. The recipient receives a gift card, which empowers them to designate which charity will get the money.

What our clients are saying

Rest easy knowing you're in good company

This year, instead of sending Easter eggs, we gave away charitable gift vouchers to each employee to choose the institution they wanted to support, bringing that feeling of gratitude for Easter even stronger.
testimonial mayara
Mayara Beividas
Operations Manager, Lotus YANG
TAP Air Portugal is delighted with the partnership with esolidar. It has been possible to capacitate our solidary support to causes and associations with which we identify ourselves with.
testimonial sandra
Sandra Fanha
Social Responsibility Manager, TAP Air Portugal
One of the coolest experiences I had in quarantine! I've always been close to my grandparents and thinking that they are a risk group in this period, the feeling of donating a voucher without leaving home was incredible!
testimonial monalisa
Monalisa Menezes
Project Manager, Lotus YANG

Explore plans

Pick a plan that's right for you. Grow all you want in the future.

For your employees

Boost your teams performance, retention, and engagement
What's included:
• Public community page
• Basic impact analytics
• Charitable gift cards
• Match donations
• Crowdfunding
• Volunteering
• Marketplace *
• Auctions
• Social feed
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For your community

Give back to your community and create acceleration programs
All Engage features, plus:
• Acceleration program
• Community grants*
• Education solution**
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For your customers

Empower your customers to do good and build brand affinity
All Impact features, plus:
• Branded giving widgets*
• White-label giving API*
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Maximize your impact

Maximize impact with data, research, insights, and exclusive content
All Retain features, plus:
• Data insights
• Impact management
• Exclusive resources and content*
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* Features under development and not yet available. **Feature specifically tailored for teaching & learning environments.
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Some of our benefits

Look after your employees

Empower your employees so they feel part of the company's social responsibility and sustainability strategy while collaborating on decisions, funds distribution, and supporting their favorite causes.

Attract top talent

Provide solutions that encourage participation, communication, and teamwork to increase and improve employee engagement and talent retention.

Become a better company

Increase the company's positive impact, branding, reputation, and community engagement through social responsibility.

UN's 17 Goals to sustainability

Develop your social responsibility strategy and impact-driven initiatives aligned with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.