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Spread the awareness of the importance of communication, chiefly by propagating the learning and acceptance of different languages and cultures by various methods and activities, so as to promote greater cultural harmony in our society.

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The Czechs believe that: you live one life for each language you speak. So according to them, if you know only one language, then you can only live once!

Communicare’s main aim is to offer as many lives as possible under one roof. The name of the cultural centre partly reveals our aim: Communicare means “communication” in Latin, a language that is the origin of many of the European languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, French, German etc. However, our teaching is not exclusively restricted to European languages. We also teach a variety of Indian languages. 

In today’s world, learning a language is more comprehensive than just learning to frame sentences. It also involves absorbing various cultural inputs of these countries. This we do by using different methods of communication.

Television is one medium that we use constructively. For the past six years we have been organising a language quiz competition. The competition is held in five different languages (Konkani, Hindi, Marathi, French and Portuguese) under the name “Kaleidoscope”. Students from the higher secondary classes take part in this competition, which is telecasted usually by Prudent Media (local Goan media), between the months of November to January.

A multi-language theatre is another way of spreading awareness about the importance of languages. This activity is done with orphanages with whom we work.

Writing a book as a team work with children is our next mission.

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Communicare Trust
Communicare Trust
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