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Bring comfort and companionship to our military members, both active duty and veterans, by rescuing shelter dogs that have been carefully evaluated, selected and professionally trained for the purpose of providing emotional support

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Paws for Heroes History

Paws for Heroes was founded by 3 oil and gas business women after they learned there was no organization in Houston, Texas helping military members by providing trained dogs who offered comfort and companionship. The founders of Paws for Heroes all have family members who are either currently active duty in the military or have relatives who are veterans.

What Is PTSD?

PTSD is not a mental illness. It is a reactive change the brain undergoes, after having been exposed to the stresses of war. Many veterans’ brains stay in combat mode after they come home—and the condition may persist for many years. Their brains tell them to be on high alert for an enemy. They have difficulty sleeping and have nightmares about what they saw and experienced. Being in a crowd can be extremely stressful, because the brain tells the veteran danger could be waiting among the people around him. Emotionally fragile, sleep-deprived and depressed, these military members begin to withdraw from family and friends.

Sadly, many veterans end up committing suicide. It is estimated that somewhere between 20% and 30% of veterans return home with PTSD. Recently, the Department of Veterans affairs released a 2016 report estimating that approximately 20 veterans commit suicide every day. This is a slight decrease from the estimated 22 per day from a 2012 report. Many of these suicides are veterans of the Vietnam War as well as more recent conflicts. Vietnam veterans commit suicide at twice the rate of the general population.  

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