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The combination of humanitarianism with innovative and sustainable ventures that provide the people of Dhaka with education that ensures future employment which enables the slum dwellers to help themselves and their families.

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The combination of humanitarianism with innovative and sustainable ventures education employment enables MCF to help slum dwellers help themselves.

We are much much smaller than most people think. Most of the time it is just me.Also have one or two volunteers who do occasional work.

Admin costs of the foundation comes from my living allowance which in turn is paid by my local sponsor – I want to make this clear because 100% of our donations go direct to schools or beneficiaries in Dhaka.

We don’t have an office, our main fieldwork is in Bangladesh, what we do in the UAE or other countries is simply try to find donors and direct them to the worthy beneficiaries and schools in Bangladesh, this way there are no overheads and social impact is maximized.

The Maria Cristina is an organisation registered in UK and USA providing premium secondary education to slum-dwellers’ children.

The combination of humanitarianism with innovative and sustainable ventures education employment enables MCF to help slum dwellershelp themselves. Its greatest achievement is in empowering slum dwellers to break out of the development trap and to claim the dignity and self-determination
that they deserve and have every right to.

The founder, Maria also believes in trying to break the cycle of poverty by giving their parents marketable skills for employment.

We shouldn't lose sight of the true potential of the slum-dwellers and all those living in extreme poverty.

We need to undertake a more challenging task in creating links that could control events that lead towards poverty.

This task cannot be achieved by the traditional approach; it requires a more active initiative and vision to build a project that addresses the problems at their roots.Many people living in rural Bangladesh see the capital as an opportunity to earn money and change the future for their children.

For most, the reality is rather different. With no education or skills, they cannot compete in the job market and end up in squalid little rooms held together with pieces of metal, wood and straw, surrounded by mosquitoes and cockroaches.

They eke out their existence with odd days of laboring work, perhaps driving rickshaws, doing shifts at the garment factories or working as housemaids for a pittance that does not even cover their living costs.

Therefore they use their children to work at early age.

We carry no magic wand to change the slum dwellers, but we carry the winds of change, challenging them to think on their own and realize that change is possible.


Maria do Céu da Conceição é uma portuguesa da qual todos nos devemos orgulhar e que recebeu em 2014 o louvor pela Nobre Casa da Cidadania.
Mulher do ano em 2009 nos Emirados Árabes Unidos, numa altura em que trocava a sua "vida de rica" no Dubai para abraçar uma causa social - ajudar crianças e dar-lhes educação.

Criou a Fundação Maria Cristina (para honrar o nome da sua mãe adotiva).

Na difícil tarefa de angariar fundos escolhe fazer provas desportivas muitas delas impensáveis para a maioria de nós: para chamar a atenção das empresas e recolher apoios para prosseguir o seu trabalho. Algumas das provas: subir à montanha mais alta do Mundo (Evereste), fazer sete maratonas em sete semanas e por sete continentes... Pelo caminho já recebeu dois World Guiness Records...

Mas porquê todo este esforço e empenho? Para ajudar as crianças - como podemos virar a cara a uma criança com fome e abandonada à sua sorte? a Maria não consegue virar a cara passados estes anos e precisa de mais pessoas que pensem como ela.

Crianças que precisam de toda a ajuda possível, uma ajuda urgente que não nos fará parar. As crianças não são portuguesas mas uma criança é sempre uma responsabilidade de todos nós. Sem educação, condições mínimas ou sem famílias de acolhimento as crianças do Bangladesh têm o futuro negado à nascença.

Vamos apoiar a Maria e as nossas crianças - contamos consigo?

Proteção às crianças
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Maria Cristina Foundation
Maria Cristina Foundation

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