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It is our aim to help each of our disabled members to reach their full potential through the provision of suitable communication equipment.

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The Sequal Trust is a registered charity covering the whole of the UK.  Our main objective is to provide relief to children and adults who are severely disabled and depend on electronic communication aids and adaptations to alleviate their problems. The Sequal Trust is membership based and open to people of all ages with speech, movement and learning difficulties.

The charity receives no public funding, and relies on donations, legacies, investment income and membership subscriptions for income.

When we hear of someone whose quality of life can be improved by the provision of an adapted computer or communication aid, we start a fund-raising campaign for that person to provide the equipment recommended by their assessor. The initial approach can be from the person themself, their family, school,or speech and language/occupational therapist.

We send out a fund-raising letter with information about the person, and the type and cost of the equipment required, to various charities and fund giving organisations.  Once we have raised all the money we order and deliver the equipment.

Realistically, the campaign is likely to take a few months.  Our average campaign duration is 3-6 months, and prospective members should be aware of that. Whilst the fund-raising is in progress, any funds received will be held by the charity in a specific bank account for the benefit of each individual.

Once the equipment has been provided, we keep in touch with the member through our newsletter, and are responsible for necessary repairs on the equipment. We also try to arrange for upgrades whenever appropriate, and our office staff provide a friendly and helpful voice at the end of the phone.
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The Sequal Trust
The Sequal Trust
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