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"Meeting Needs For A Positive Change"

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Our work is to render help to those who are in need and vulnerable, such as children, youths, women and disabled. Our principle is to bring about positive change in all we do.

Based in the United Kingdom where we raise the necessary funds, gather resources and rely on our expertise to bridge the gap overseas in order to relieve poverty. MOJTA will seek to influence policy-makers at all levels, local, district, government and international. We are fighting against poverty and believe that resources can be used effectively by targeting those areas that are of great concern to us.

We see our work as complementary and we are excited that we are fulfilling our part especially at such a time. The spirit of compassion is about providing and meeting the needs of people, physical, financial and spiritual. We strongly believe in community relations and our work is open to all. It is our sincere desire and wish that our work will bring encouragement, uplift and joy to those that we will come in contact with.

MISSION STATEMENT: "Meeting needs for positive change"


The relief of poverty and distress; preservation and protection of good health; the advancement of education through the provision of financial and material assistance, vocational training and such other services as the trustees shall in their absolute discretion determine.

The provision of facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation in the interest of social welfare with the object of improving the conditions of life for those who have need of such facilities.

The development of the Christian faith; the provision of capacity building and to promote any charitable purposes in the United Kingdom and worldwide in accordance with the charity law of England and Wales.


Love, compassion, equality, respect, kindness, care, service, fellowship, dedication, commitment, discipleship, passion, faithfulness, honesty, community relation, sharing, justice, truth and reconciliation.

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Mission Of Joy To Africa
Mission Of Joy To Africa
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