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Providing disadvantaged children/young people with something meaningful to do and positive to attend after school.

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Who We Are

Kreative Culture Klub

Inspiring Youths Recognising Roots

Kreative Culture Klub exists primarily for young people of African & African Caribbean backgrounds. It was founded in May 1998. The idea was to advance their education through creative arts to develop self confidence and esteem, which stemmed from the fact that these young people were and still are labelled as under-achievers.

It was thought an alternative approach to education incorporating black history which is not included in the National Curriculum, would instil in them a sense of cultural pride and identity. Commencing as a 6 month pilot project, the club opened in January 1999.


KCK in conjunction with its user members has developed a wide range of creative and performing art activities such as drama, street dance, ballet, cheerleading and music to positively channel the energies of young people and direct them away from anti social behaviour. The organisation operates an equal opportunity policy and works with children/young people age 4-21 from economically and socially deprived areas from various cultural backgrounds. Ballet/Tap in particular attracts members from all over the world, mainly European residing in the borough, reflecting the diversity of Waltham Forest.

Workshops are also delivered to our members through the use of historical and current social issues. The focus of the sessions is on tackling issues that affect them personally such as events in/out of the classroom like low expectations, bullying, anti social behaviour and gun crime. We also have an annual award ceremony to inspire aspiring students to achieve.


Yvonne Bailey became the Founder and Co-ordinator of Kreative Culture Klub when the suggestion was put to her by the then Community Development Officer on the Oliver Close estate. He discovered she had been working with children and young people from the said estate on a previous successful project at another venue. Prior to this she had completed a course on working with young people in the community with the view to undertaking such a venture with other members on the course which didn’t materialise.

With support from a group of parents, the organisation primarily for disadvantaged children and young people had their first meeting in Yvonne’s home on 18th May 1998. Yvonne has been working with KCK members from then to present day. She is a qualified teacher having taken her degree as a mature student and worked with primary school children as a supply teacher. She is also a performance poet and has performed in nursery, primary and secondary schools and has written plays that were acted by members KCK. Consequently, she has had a lot of experience working with children and young people as she also initiated activities that they participated in.

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Kreative Culture Klub
Kreative Culture Klub
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