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Magic Bus UK is committed to bringing an end to child & youth poverty in South Asia.

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Today, over 100 million children and young people are living in extreme poverty in South Asia. Trapped in appalling living conditions, most will be forced to drop out of school and earn meagre wages to support their families. Around half of all girls will face the horrors of child marriage. Without proper support, these children and young people will remain in poverty their whole lives, passing this terrible curse onto their children, where the cycle of poverty begins anew.

My mother never went to school and got married at the age of 15. To this day she has to depend on others for "serious" financial decisions. My sister, too, has had an unhappy life.

- Preeti, Magic Bus participant & volunteer

Magic Bus has the solution. With our unique curriculum of play, physical activity and mentoring, we are helping children and young people escape poverty and forge their own futures. We instil the importance of attending school, how to stay healthy, to respect one another, and to stand up for themselves in the face of abuse.
We give support to young people looking to enter the workplace with our Livelihood programme, helping adolescents become entrepreneurs, join the workforce, or attend further education.

Thanks to Magic Bus, I have the opportunity to script a different future for myself!

- Preeti, Magic Bus participant & volunteer

Today, Magic Bus works with over 400,000 individuals across India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar. With your support, we can soon help a million children and young people escape poverty in South Asia!

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