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Independent advocacy for adults with learning disabilities in Brighton & Hove.

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Speak Out has been an independent advocacy charity in Brighton and Hove since 1994. We make sure that people with learning disabilities can speak up and take action about the things that matter to them.

We want a world where people with learning disabilities have the same rights, choice and control over their lives as everyone else.

We provide advocacy services, which means we listen to people with learning disabilities and work with them to express their views, have control over their lives and be an active part of the community. 

There are two main aspects to our work:

1) We support people with the personal issues that affect them. We work with people to express their opinions about choices and changes in their life, including access to the services and support they need.

2) We support people to influence changes in the community that will benefit everyone with a learning disability. 
We enable people with a learning disability to come together to express their views when changes are being planned or might be needed to the services they use. 
Learning disabilities

Brighton and Hove Speak Out
Brighton and Hove Speak Out
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