How it works

eSolidar is a global giving marketplace that empowers the connection between charities and their communities by providing easy ways to raise funds and awareness.

Charity Auctions

Charity Auctions

Bid on exclusive items and experiences

Find amazing once in a lifetime auctions including signed celebrity items, exclusive experiences and more. You could be helping a charity accomplish their mission and raise vital funds at the same time.



Support the causes you care about

Make donations of any value to a crowdfunding campaign for a social cause



Make donations with Paypal

You can make donations of any value to a charity of your choice.

Charity Auctions

Charity Auctions

Make an auction of a special item or experience with your ambassador or other celebrities

The product or experience listed should be a unique and unforgettable item or experience that people can bid on through eSolidar’s platform. To run an auction simply register and click the option ‘request an auction’.



Create your crowdfunding campaigns

You can create crowdfunding campaigns with or without rewards to receive donations



Receive donations from the community

Donations are made via Paypal. In order to receive them both the user and charity must have an account.


We bring a supportive community together in one convenient place. We’re committed to transparency and the communities we serve.

The registration of users and charities and the use of the platform are free. A small fee on each item sold, donations and the total amount raised in a supportive auction will be charged. Our fees foster the proliferation of a dedicated and relentless team, who provide marketing services, administrative assistance and technical development and support with no annual fee. Our services aim to help thousands of charities sustainably fundraise and assist them in the fulfilment of their missions.

Our service fees go towards

Our service fees go towards

Providing support to charities and users

Our staff are available around the clock to help charities set up online shops and establish a platform so that you can get the most from our site.

Transparency and monitoring

We are committed to providing a hassle-free experience that is appropriately monitored. Our team works around the clock to ensure high security standards and invests in the latest technological safeguards to ensure your data is protected.


eSolidar is constantly discovering new ways for you to fundraise on our platform. As a valued member of our site, we are committed to creating innovative fundraising mechanisms at the lowest cost possible.

Frequently asked questions

To donate to a crowdfunding campaign, you’ll need to be registered at eSolidar. After signing in, select the campaign, enter the amount you wish to donate, and submit it. You can also leave a comment for other backers or the charity that is running the campaign.

Crowdfunding is a fundraising method available at eSolidar that allows charities to increase their funding and help more causes. Any charity can set up a crowdfunding campaign to achieve a philanthropic goal.
The creation of the campaign has to be created by the eSolidar team and it will approve. Once up and running, eSolidar’s registered users will be able to support the campaign by donating an amount.

eSolidar is a place for people to support the causes they really care about. It is a social impact startup that allows users to sell products online and donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity of their choice. We’re also a forum for charities to post products and auctions in order to easily fundraise without incurring large fees. Our goal is to provide a disruptive way of fundraising for charities and establish an online community of individuals dedicated to giving to the greater good.

eSolidar began as a startup servicing charities primarily in Portugal and Brazil since 2014. After over a year of success in these markets, we have decided to expand our platform to UK. With several years of experience under our belt in the e-commerce and social impact sector, we have fostered the commitment, dedication and hard work needed to drive a team focused on developing solutions and impact for charities.

Charities spend most of their time fundraising, which takes away from their ability to achieve their mission. eSolidar is an inexpensive way for charities to fundraise, making it easy for people to donate to causes they care about in just one, easy-to-use place.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we offer a variety of payment options. Currently bank transfer and PayPal are available. Occasionally a credit card option is also available. Payment options are set up by charities and sellers and are processed ​​independently of eSolidar. In the event of a payment dispute, it is the responsibility of both the buyer and seller to resolve the matter. If payment is made using a PayPal account, the account holder reserves the right to settle disputes directly through PayPal. We ask for your understanding in the event that not all payment options are available to you.

When the crowdfunding campaign is over, we will send you an email. To receive the amount raised, you must first issue and send us a campaign invoice.

If the charity is unable to raise the total amount, that is, if it cannot achieve the goal they set out for the campaign, there will be no problem. Even if you do not reach 100% of the goal, your charity will receive the amount raised with the campaign.

Any charity organization can create crowdfunding campaigns. You just need to be registered at eSolidar and have your profile validated by our team.
You must order your campaign by email to the eSolidar team.

If you are a registered charity, eSolidar can help you raise funds and awareness. There are 4 main ways for you to get involved:
1. Run a special charity auction.
2. Create a social store on eSolidar, then export it to a Facebook fanpage or website and sell your items.
3. Receive donations by Paypal.
4. Receive donations from eSolidar users as they donate to a charity whenever they sell on eSolidar.

In order to use our site, charities must first complete a simple registration form that includes a link to their website and a brief description of the charities’ mission and goals. We then screen each charity to ensure they uphold eSolidar’s values and ensure they are officially registered with the government. The charity is then contacted and validated by our team from which point they can begin setting up auctions, posting products and receiving donations straightaway. It is free for charities to register with eSolidar. Charities incur a 5% commission fee for successful sold items and direct donations and 10% to 20% on successful charity auctions.

At eSolidar, all campaigns are successful, even when they have not achieved their goal. The charity will always receive the amount raised in the campaign even if it didn’t reach 100% of the goal. The charity will always receive your donation.

The charity running a campaign may decide to give rewards to backers. For example, for each 10€ donation the charity receives, they send a special thank you letter to the backer who donated the amount.

To support a crowdfunding campaign, you must be registered and have a validated profile at eSolidar. After starting your session, simply select the campaign you want to support, write the amount you wish to donate and submit it.

There are 5 main ways for you to get involved:

1. Bid on special charity auctions;
2. Buy products from charity shops;
3. Make donations via Paypal;
4. Support a charity whenever you sell an item. When you're listing the item, just choose the charity you want to support and the percentage you want to give;
5. Share eSolidar on social media with your friends and family.

You can make a donation via PayPal to any charity registered with eSolidar as long as they have a Paypal account.

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