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We support a wide range of people from many different backgrounds with a range of different eating disorders.

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We are an independent charity, originally established in 1996 by a group of families who were affected by eating disorders and who were concerned that there was nowhere to go for support.

We support a wide range of people from many different backgrounds with a range of different eating disorders. We help anybody who feels that their relationship with food or body image dominates their lives, and we help the people who care about them. Men, women, girls, boys, young and old, all access our services. You don’t have to look a particular way to get support from SYEDA.

We provide one to one therapeutic and practical support for people experiencing eating disorders and for families and friends. We also facilitate support groups, offer a befriending service and we deliver education and training sessions in schools, colleges, to professionals and the wider community.

We appreciate that eating disorders, in their many forms, can have a devastating impact on the people who experience them, and on the people around them. We have a particular focus on prevention, by working with people who might be at risk of developing an eating disorder in order to help them to become more resilient. We also try to work with people who are experiencing eating disorders as early as possible into the illness to try to stop the eating disorder from becoming more severe (although we will see people at any stage of their journey with an eating disorder).

All our services are independent and confidential. You do not need to be referred by a GP or a professional, you can just make an appointment yourself. Unless you give us permission we won’t tell anyone that you have been in contact or are using our services, except in special circumstances (see a summary of our confidentiality policy).

We appreciate how hard it can be to make that first step, and welcome anyone to get in touch at any stage. You will be met with understanding.

The work of SYEDA is overseen by a board of volunteers who have a range of skills and experience. We have a team of dedicated, skilled staff and we are lucky enough to to have a large number of amazing volunteers who help to deliver our range of services.

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South Yorkshire Eating Disorders Association
South Yorkshire Eating Disorders Association
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