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We present age as a superpower, making elderly people we work with empowered by the recognition of their talents but also of their uniqueness. When age does not stop you you can reach the sky.

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We understand age as a power to be unleashed.

Each elderly person has their own talent, their own aspirations and passions.

We translate that into unique handmade products and experiences showcasing them as the gatekeepers of local immaterial culture and tradition. Either in team building workshops using silkscreening , creative embroidery, knitting or other techniques, or with touristic and cultural experiences such as guiding people through the local streets and connecting the geography with the emotional geography of a community and their stories, or baking and storytelling.

The design of each piece is carefully thought to transmit to all generations the particularities of handmade work, translated in the love and care that our grannies put in that particular piece.

All of the products have the picture of the grannie that made it in order for the client to relate the product or the service to an actually person, with their own story and talent.

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510 641 148
927 628 363
Rua Poço Negros, n124

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Avó Veio Trabalhar / Fermenta
Avó Veio Trabalhar / Fermenta
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