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Child Concern Consortium is a group of four small children's charities raising funds together since 1994.

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Child Concern Consortium is a group of four small charities helping vulnerable children and their families across the UK.

Dedicated to improving quality of life for children, their families and those caring for children; we help those in hospital, home alone, in care, and those with disabilities and special needs.

Our four member charities are:

Action for Sick Children – working to make hospital a less frightening place for children.

4Children – providing safe spaces for young people to socialise and enjoy new opportunities.

The Fostering Network – providing caring and loving temporary homes for children and young people.

Working Families – supporting disabled children and their families in every day life.

Many of the children we support do not enjoy the same opportunities or experiences that most young people take for granted, which can impact adversely on the type of future they may hope for.

By supporting the work of our four member charities, you can help to give more children the opportunity to become the decision makers of tomorrow.

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Child Concern Consortium
Child Concern Consortium
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