Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy This regards the online platform eSolidar owned by Webankor tool, Ltd. and managed by this company.
The Webankor, SA. keep the information obtained through its Web page eSolidar in strict confidence, and the respective treatment carried out with respect for the privacy of information and in accordance with applicable legislation, including the provisions of Law No. 67/98 of 26 October and subsequent amendments.
By providing the requested information the user is authorized, freely and voluntarily, its incorporation in eSolidar platform database and its use in accordance with the principles of this Privacy Policy.
Since it operates with Facebook, the use of this platform implies, first of all, acceptance of the terms and conditions identified herein, as well as the privacy policy of even Facebook.

Information collected and access

As foreseen as the Personal Data Protection - Law No. 67/98 of 26 October and subsequent changes - users have the right to obtain information on the use of their personal data.
The personal information of users is collected in authentication / registration in eSolidar platform under the terms and conditions identified therein.
Personal information collected are for this platform functionality can not be provided to third parties if this can lead to the identification of users.

Users can request the Webankor, SA. information relating to personal data stored and may request the corresponding update, correction and / or elimination, once proven that they are incomplete, incorrect or irrelevant to its purpose.
The request for update, correction or deletion of data can be done by users by sending e-mail to, with the inherent rationale of this raison.
The system records the navigation of users, in particular, pages accessed, visited items, time spent and other topics related to that navigation. This information is collected and used to improve the functioning of eSolidar platform and adjust supply to demand, adapting the service to the needs of all stakeholders.


The use of cookies is intended to store login information for future service logins; the use of cookies session ID, is intended to protect certain features of eSolidar platform, grasp the user's interaction with the same platform and monitor the traffic. Session cookies are deleted when logged out of the service and closed the browser.

Legal Disclaimer

The Webankor, SA. reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy at any time, without notice. When changed so considered substantial by Webankor, SA. will be published a notice on the appropriate website along with the updated Privacy Policy. The data transmitted over open networks are likely to be viewed and / or used by third parties.


The Webankor, Ltd. is excluded from liability for any direct or indirect damages-including lost profits - that may occur, resulting in particular from the information contained in the Website or through it, can be obtained, and also the interception, modification or misuse of information transmitted.
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