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We invest time in young people to enable them to re-engage in education and employment

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FST has been supporting young people excluded from mainstream education since 2007, enabling them to develop their social skills and self-confidence to re-engage in education. We currently deliver 5 projects to engage young people, build supportive relationships with them, and aid their progression educationally and socially:

Learn2Live – Twice weekly sessions developing life skills and confidence in those excluded from mainstream education, enabling them to re-engage with full time education either mainstream or alternative.

Lean on Me - One-to-one mentoring project, providing positive role models for those who need intensive individualised support to overcome particular obstacles in their lives, and to achieve a number of social, relational, educational and employment focused goals.

Infuse - twice weekly youth café and club open to young people aged 11-18. Infuse is run in partnership with St Marks Church and provides a safe space for young people to engage in fun activities, build friendships across social and geographical boundaries, and build relationships with the team allowing for emotional and practical support to be given where appropriate. In addition we offer volunteer work experience opportunities.

Battersea Lions FC under 21’s - We have partnered with Battersea Lions since 2012 delivering after school training sessions and running youth football teams that have competed in the Tandridge Youth League. The team brings together young people from different backgrounds and circumstances through the medium of football, providing the opportunity to play regular competitive football, and develop their characters and social skills.

Summer residentials - Taking young people away to give them new experiences in challenging environments. Over the past 2 years we have been to North Wales, the New Forest, and on a 5 day sailing trip.

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Future Skills Training
Future Skills Training
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