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We are a Christian based charity that firmly believes God loves and cares for the poor. We provide a practical resource, working together with other ministries and projects that already exist in Nottingham in a practical and supportive way

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The main aim of The Arches is to be an agent of transformational change in the lives of people living in isolation and poverty. We help people to reach their full potential, meeting immediate practical needs, helping them to build confidence and self-esteem through community relationships, and ultimately supporting them to identify and pursue their goals. Most clients access the Arches as a result of referral for provision of furniture, equipment, white goods, clothing and food, all donated to us for this purpose. All receive a warm welcome and are able to learn more about other free services that we offer in order to move people out of isolation. These include a regular Coffee Lounge, Just4Women pampering sessions, family room, mums and toddlers group, Conversational English classes and Small Group sessions. Beyond this, we are able to offer in-depth and targeted support to those wishing to tackle addictive behaviours, build skills for employability and even volunteer at the Arches. Projects include Furniture Restoration, Power to Change, and Arches Inspiring Change and we also host an NHS drug clinic. 

Last year we helped 2,743 people of all ages and from 63 nationalities. Nearly 20% were refugees or Asylum Seekers and more than 20% of our referrals came in from agencies that provide housing and homelessness services. We know that many of our clients experience forms of domestic violence and abuse, are ex- or repeat offenders, are struggling with substance misuse issues, or are long-term unemployed.

The outcomes we expect to see are focussed on our organisational outcomes at The Arches:

1. Practical Provision – meeting immediate needs: At least 2,700 beneficiaries will have their basic immediate needs met each year, including household items, clothing, equipment and food, improving their health and wellbeing in the home.

2. Community – reducing isolation: More than 1,200 people per year will experience community among our staff and volunteers in the Arches coffee lounge and family room, with a quarter choosing to attend further Arches initiatives that lead to reduced isolation and improved self-esteem (including mums and toddler groups, English Language classes and groups sessions).

3. Transformational Change – targeted support: programmes (Arches Inspiring Change, Power to Change and Arches Restoration) will help clients prepare for education, training and employment, building the skills and experience of around 100 clients per year.

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The Vineyard Arches Trust, Lenton House, Lenton Lane, Nottingham

The Vineyard Arches Trust
The Vineyard Arches Trust
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