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Enabling Malagasy people to reduce poverty and protect the environment through sustainable, community-led initiatives.

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Famous for its unique flora and fauna Madagascar is a remarkable gift to the planet. New plant and animal species are being discovered all the time, including medicinal plants to treat conditions like cancer. Yet Madagascar is a country in crisis. Decades of economic disarray have left both the people and their environment acutely vulnerable. Levels of income, healthcare and education are amongst the lowest in the world with 90% of the population living on less than $2 a day. More than half of Madagascar’s unique forests have disappeared in the past 50 years. Wildlife is threatened by loss of habitat and human life is threatened by loss of rainfall and topsoil needed to grow food. The Malagasy people and the eco-system of Madagascar are teetering on the brink of survival!

In response to these huge challenges, the charity ‘Money for Madagascar’ was founded in Wales in 1986. Our intention from the outset was to enable indigenous development work in Madagascar; to help communities in Madagascar help themselves; to reduce poverty by backing agents of change; to care for Madagascar’s unique environment and incredible diversity, ensuring sustainable approaches in all that we do.

We work with NGOs in Madagascar that are rooted in communities and who share our dynamic and practical approach. We value openness. We are committed to learning with our partners and the communities we serve. We believe longterm collaboration is needed to reduce poverty and inequality, whilst protecting the environment.

Our strength - or unique selling point - is to be found in the way we work. We are distinctive in the emphasis we give to backing people. We view our beneficiaries as powerful agents for change with a multitude of skills and needs. Beneficiaries include: orphans; street children; vulnerable teenage girls; farmers in environmental hotspots and women’s cooperatives.

As well as investing in the poor, the most marginalised and vulnerable, we also build the capacity of community leaders and local development agencies to foster grass-roots sustainable development.

Money for Madagascar does not specialise in one area of work - like water for example. We take an integrated approach, recognising the interdependence of our development activities. Like the spokes of WHEELS, the strands of our work are all inter-connected and reinforce each other:

- Water Improving access through new water points 

H - Health Improving well-being through nutrition and primary health care 

E - Education and Social care Targeting assistance to vulnerable children 

E -  Environment: Protecting the environment whilst creating opportunities for local               communities. 

L -Livelihoods Enabling people to earn a decent living 

S -  Sanitation Installing communal latrines    

Cooperação para o desenvolvimento
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Money for Madagascar
Money for Madagascar
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