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Style Acre strives to provide safe and nurturing environments for people with learning disabilities to grow and develop in their own unique way and with the utmost dignity.

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Style Acre exists to provide person-centred support for adults with a learning disability and seeks to provide opportunities for such people to lead fulfilling and active lives through the creation and provision of enjoyable and stimulating opportunities.

Style Acre has a reputation for providing high-quality, innovative services designed around the needs of individuals. This is achieved through a highly experienced and committed senior management team, as well as trained and effectively supported staff teams.

Style Acre recognises each individual as unique and valued. We aim to ensure that every person is treated with respect and dignity at all times and receives the support they need to be valued members of society. We respect the right to privacy of all the people we support and make sure that our staff are trained to understand their role in these and all other areas. We also work closely with people and their families to help them to make choices about how they live their lives and how to manage the risks that come with daily living.

As a modern and dynamic learning disability provider organisation, Style Acre has fully embraced the personalisation agenda and has commissioned two new supported living services in the last two years where all people supported have their own Individual Budget. This allows much greater access for tenants and their families to real choice over how their support is designed, planned and delivered. As part of the planning phase, Style Acre has received excellent feedback on the extent to which it has truly worked in partnership with prospective service users and their families to develop services around each person’s individual needs.

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Style Acre. Evenlode House, Howbery Park, Benson Lane, Crowmarsh Gifford, Wallingford,

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