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We bring Grieving Parents together for healing with 5 to 7 day retreats, and provide resources for groups, books, non-profits, crafts, information and more.

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Wings of Hope Living Forward is a resource center for grieving parents and grandparents. A place you can find a group, a non-profit that you would like to support, a book, grief information, a craft, memorial crafts, a cause to change laws, have a memory page for your child, a blog, anything that a parent does or creates in memory of their child.

We like to think of our retreats as a family reunion. We set up a closed group on Facebook to plan together the activities we want to do and get to know each other before we get there. It can be pretty scary thinking about staying 3 to 7 days with people you have never met. By the time the retreat happens and you get there it is almost like meeting family. You get a "real hug" instead of a "cyber hug".

There is plenty of time for relaxation. We do our best to choose locations that are serene and peaceful so you can take your own time to reflect and heal in the presence of God's beauty. We cook together, laugh together, cry together and spend some time in meetings learning ways to heal our broken hearts.

There is time for you to go shopping, fishing, hiking, golfing and enjoy yourself. You have plenty of time to make new long friends because we will always have the same thing in common that brought us together....child loss.

Not every retreat will be the same because we will stay in different places so there is plenty of opportunity to go to several retreats and enjoy travel. You may get a King bed and you may get a pull-out or bunk, but not much sleeping goes on anyway. The excitement is wonderful from planning to completion and most cannot wait for next retreat to be announced.

Wings of Hope Living Forward hopes that we will all get to meet someday...someway. If you are willing we are! Welcome to our foundation.
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Wings of Hope Living Forward Inc
Wings of Hope Living Forward Inc
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