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To provide scientific & intelligence assistance to African Member States and other Maritime Stakeholders on matters relating to the safe, secure and clean movement of maritime transport, and the prevention of the loss of human lives at sea.

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Africa has many resources, fish, aquaculture, oil, gas, minerals, Africa hosts one of the Global maritime and shipping routes; yet Africa currently does not benefit from these economic opportunities! There are 54 Member States in Africa many have adjacent Oceans and Seas or great lakes, inland water ways and riverine geographical assets.

The African maritime communities are dedicated, passionate and demonstrate the desire to join the International global maritime community. This cannot happen when access to education and training is limited, where certification is not standardised and opportunities are restricted. This impacts on capacity and capability of African Member States to manage and effectively exploit resources for the betterment of their communities.  This has created for major challenges such as the rise of International criminal syndicates that make full use of perceived gaps, exploiting the innocence and stealing the very opportunities destined for local economic development.   

AMSSA primary mission is to enable the sustainable management of Africa’s Blue Economy for the benefit of Africa, to help raise the game and accelerate the evolvement of the African Maritime Sector.  In doing so we will help unlock real local economic development, the heart of a flourishing community.  

In turn this will create the desperately needed 'livelihoods' for African communities, creating employment and inward investment. Moving away from aid to a more self-sustained model of assistance. We help build capacity by assisting Regional Economic Communities (representative of many Member States) to develop strong and purposeful strategies and the necessary action plans to help step by step structured implementation.

We prepare and deliver structured training programmes and robust higher education partnerships aimed at increasing knowledge and providing the necessary bridges to plug capacity gaps.  We help prepare the core, the foundations from which the African maritime legacy can be protected and developed for Africa’s future generations.   

We represent and promote the positive aspects of Africa, encouraging and brokering Public, Private Partnerships, supporting inward investment that will underpin the growth of healthy and vibrant African Maritime communities.

We honour your understanding and contributions, we promise that every penny will be invested in enabling a robust African Maritime Sector that can support African communities into the next century.

Give a man a fish – he will feed his family for a day- teach a man to fish he will provide for his family forever!

Cooperação para o desenvolvimento
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African Maritime Safety and Security Agency
African Maritime Safety and Security Agency
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