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Clear Sky is a specialist Play Therapy charity offering support to children, parents and teachers in schools through the use of Play Therapy.

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How Clear Sky was formed

The idea for Clear Sky came about in 2010 following a difficult personal experience in my own childhood. My mother passed away in 2002 leaving behind 4 children. Being the eldest I had to take on the mothers role which came with many challenges, and being a teenage girl growing up without a Mum wasn't exactly easy. My little sister was only 9 at the time and, being so young, she found it difficult to come to terms with what had happened. As a result she suffered with panic attacks from the age of 10 and struggled to enjoy the things that all children should be free to enjoy.

More than 10 years on and my sister still suffers with anxiety due to this loss. I wondered what her life would have been like if she'd had someone who could help her explore her confusing feelings attached to our situation.

The passion that drives Clear Sky is still my little sister. There are too many children out there suffering at the hands of circumstances out of control. The mission is to provide support for children to help them feel happier in themselves, to have a greater understanding of the world around them and to help them to understand that they are special and that there are people out there who can help.
Proteção às crianças
+44 0186 5362789
Suite A, First Floor, Meridian House, Sandy Lane West, Oxford, OX4 6LB

Clear Sky Children's Foundation
Clear Sky Children's Foundation
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