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We want a world where everyone living with a disability gets to live the life they choose. We do this by providing vital specialist mobility equipment, education and training in life and work skills for disabled children and young people.

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At Action For Kids we work with 100s of children and young people each year with a whole range of physical and learning disabilities. We see them experience huge barriers to their independence. The right equipment is rarely available from the NHS. Low self-esteem and aspiration and poor expectation from others are the norm and a lack of choice and chronic shortage of opportunity is commonplace. At Action For Kids we recognise and acknowledge individual potential and we provide a range of programmes to address these hurdles, improve mobility and develop disabled children and young people’s skills, prospects and problem-solving mechanisms to enable them to reach their potential and realise their ambitions.

We raise the funds to provide disabled children and young people all around the UK with vital and life-changing equipment. Appropriate and bespoke wheelchairs, walkers and trikes will have an immediate and far-reaching impact on the health, wellbeing and independence of the child or young person. Action For Kids also provides a vital maintenance programme, covering all costs for equipment repairs, servicing and adaptations.

Working with schools and colleges and their students aged 14-19 with special educational needs we offer a range of accredited life and employment skills programmes with the aim of ensuring that young people have the best opportunities possible when they leave full-time education and are ready for work. year 173 disabled young people were enrolled on these programmes.

We provide life skills support for disabled people aged 19 and over. We work with each individual to build real employability skills, providing opportunities to work either at the charity or with our corporate partners supported by our dedicated job coaches. This service is a bespoke and personalised one. The job coach assesses each young person’s work-related skills, aspirations, interests and ambitions and devises a specific support programme. They then broker and deliver suitable placements and training.

Learning disabilities
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Action For Kids
Action For Kids

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