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Khadi is hand spun and hand woven fabric made largely in India. Our mission is to promote khadi outside India. Our promise is to ensure fair wages and invest a third or more of our profits in community development.

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Khadi: The King of Eco Fabrics

Khadi, hand spun and hand woven fabric, is made largely in India. It has been the traditional fabric of India since ancient times and was in great demand in the Western world till the 19th Century.

The fabric is breathable, durable and environmentally friendly. 

The production of khadi is regulated in India and ensures fair wages for spinners and weavers. As a Community Interest Company, Khadi CIC aims to extend the principle of fairness to cotton farmers, tailors and customers.

As a CIC we will be investing a third or more of our profits for supporting communities in India.

It is not just a fabric, it’s a movement!

This tradition of handmade cloth in India was being lost to machine made fabric in the nineteenth century. This had a devastating impact on Indian economy, especially in rural areas.

Khadi was revived by Gandhi during India’s nonviolent struggle for independence. It was and effective way of empowering communities and developing decentralised economic and political systems. Khadi became a symbol of protest and simplicity, the marker of a new radical national identity.

Khadi has continued to play an important part in the polity and economy of the India even after it gained independence from British rule in 1947. It is now poised to play an important role globally as a fabric which ethical, fair, healthy and environmentally friendly. It is the King of Eco Fabrics. 
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Khadi CIC
Khadi CIC

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