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Passionately protecting Cornwall’s precious marine life and habitats for a vibrant economic future. Identifying and monitoring individual local seals. Researching, communicating, engaging, conserving. Giving seals a voice.

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We are extremely lucky in Cornwall to routinely see grey seals, a globally rare seal species only present in the north Atlantic. Amazingly there are fewer grey seals in the world than African elephants. The UK is home to 38% of the entire world’s population so has been given a special responsibility under the EU Habitat's Directive to protect them on behalf of the rest of the world. 

Grey seals can be found all around the Cornish coast – at sea or hauled out on beaches, offshore rocks or hidden away in remote sea caves. These places are established seal hot spots routinely visited by seals as they move around the Celtic Sea.

CSGRT researches seals at an individual level throughout their lives identifying them using their unique fur patterns. Thousands of grey seals can be identified by eye and verified back in our office using our pioneering smart searchable IT based photo identification system. What we learn about the lives of individual seals tells us about their survival needs, informing us about how best to protect them. 

As an evidence based conservation charity, all we learn is fed back to others from statutory agencies, other non governmental organisations, local conservation groups and to the public  - spreading the word about these amazing creatures to enhance their conservation along with the precious marine ecosystems within which they live.

Funding is desperately needed to conduct independent boat based surveys along a 100km stretch of Cornwall's north coast all year round. All our surveys are holistic marine life and coastal surveys collecting data on all marine megafauna and a range of human activities - the findings are shared with other relevant local, regional, national and international research organisations. 

We need your support now! Please help us carry out this essential work - fundamental to the survival of our seals, but also to ensure economic prosperity for our region which is based on us having a healthy and balanced marine ecosystem!

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Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust
Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust
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